The SD42 Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party is your local party serving the communities of Plymouth, Maple Grove and Medicine Lake. We are an all-volunteer group dedicated to the needs of the local community and helping to get great DFL candidates elected to provide us all with real representation in St. Paul and nationally. Come join us, we’d love to have your support!

Chair’s Message

I want to take the opportunity to thank everybody in the district for all of your hard work throughout the election season.  We made multiple passes through the precincts touting our candidates and then again to get out the vote.  We waived signs, talked to our neighbors, and then got to the polls.

I’m pleased to say that all that hard work has paid off.  Next cycle we will be sending Representative-elect Ned Carroll to the House from our 42A seat.  We have re-elected Representative Ginny Klevorn to the 42B seat.  We also are sending Senator-elect Bonnie Westlin to St. Paul.  Not only that, but all three will be in the majority since we had a great night overall in the state.  All three will represent our community well.

We kept all of the statewide offices in DFL control, re-elected Representative Dean Phillips to the US House and for the Hennepin County races elected Mary Moriarty as Hennepin County Attorney and Dewanna Witt as Hennepin County Sheriff. 

Quite simply, we won everything we could have in our Senate District and that took a group effort which we should all be proud of.  We have representation that will look out for the needs of everybody. “We all do better, when we all do better” to quote Paul Wellstone.

Thanks again! Look for SD42 DFL events all next year as we gear up for 2024.

Chris Romansky – SD42 DFL Chair

Doorknock Challenge

SD42 DFL is running a contest for volunteer doorknockers. For our candidate campaign that has the highest doorknock total, we will give the person who knocks the most doors a prize as well as draw names of two other doorknockers who will also get a prize. If our Senate campaign has the most doors knocked, we will also draw a name from the top House campaign for doorknocks. An example of some prize options are an SD42 DFL t-shirt or policy pint glasses. An added bonus is that House or Senate district with the highest doorknock total will be the most likely to be represented by a DFLer next year. Contact a campaign to set up a doorknock opportunity.

We are determining the doorknock totals at this time and will contact the winners once we have them determined.

Upcoming Events

Central Committee Meeting – Monday, December 5th 7:00 PM – Zoom

Central Committee Meeting – Wednesday, January 4th 7:00 PM – Zoom

Central Committee Meeting – Monday, February 6th 7:00 PM – Zoom